Stradivarius Polonia

Janusz Wawrowski plays the 1685 Stradivarius

The first Stradivarius in post-war Poland was loaned to Janusz Wawrowski in May 2018. The precious instrument was purchased to commemorate the 100th anniversary of regaining independence by Poland. 

For years, Janusz Wawrowski endeavoured towards bringing such a great instrument to Poland, believing that the absence of them marginalizes Polish artists on the international stage.

This Stradivarius is much more than a wonderful violin, it could become the ambassador of our music in the world. Its story and amazing sound attract attention immediately, whenever I mention it and wherever it appears!

Janusz Wawrowski


Before World War II Poland owned violins made by Antonio Stradivari. Unfortunately all these extremely valuable instruments were moved abroad, sold or stolen throughout difficult paths of Polish history. In order to celebrate the success of returning the first such instrument in past-war Poland into the hands of Polish virtuoso, Stradivari 1685 was given the name “Polonia”. The official celebration took place in the beautiful and prestigious setting of Warsaw’s Royal Castle in December 2018.