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19 December 2020

Unique album coming soon!

The celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence end this year. Two years have passed since the name “Polonia” was given to Antonio Stradivari’s first instrument on post-war Polish soil.

19 November 2020

Celebrating Beethoven!

The Beethoven year is slowly coming to an end…. And although due to the pandemic and various essential governmental restrictions at cultural institutions this event was postponed twice – we are so happy to share with you that finally Janusz completed an exciting live recording project!

20 October 2020

Two Strads meet in Baden-Württemberg!

Happiness captured right after the recording of the Sonata for 2 violins by M. Weinberg. A lovely recording session for an upcoming CD together with Linus Roth and his ”Dancla” Stradivarius, which took place at the Baden-Württemberg Music Academy (Landesakademie für die musizierende Jugend).

19 September 2020

Bronze Medal Cultural Merit Gloria Artis

Janusz Wawrowski has been awarded one of the highest honours in Poland – the Bronze Medal for “Cultural Merit Gloria Artis”. This is bestowed upon those who show exploratory promotion of Polish culture.