Rediscovered Violin Concerto 

by Ludomir Różycki

Discovering, researching and popularizing forgotten works by polish composers constitutes crucial field of Janusz Wawrowski’s musical expertise. The most recent fruit of such work is rediscovered Violin Concerto written by Ludomir Różycki in 1944.

Janusz Wawrowski found manuscrips of the full score in one of Warsaw’s libraries. On the basis of those and preserved piano reduction of the entire concerto, specialized team lead by Wawrowski managed to successfully reconstruct the full score. 


Rediscovered Violin Concerto by Ludomir Różycki has already been recorded by Janusz with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra under Grzegorz Nowak in London. Album PHOENIX, with Violin Concertos by Różycki and Tchaikovsky, will be released by Warner Classics / Erato in Spring 2021.