Thursday, November 4, 2021

Zeit Magazin about Ludomir Różycki’s PHOENIX Violin Concerto


I am very pleased that Zeit Magazin devoted a few pages publishing a wonderful article written by the fantastic Carolin Pirich about Ludomir Różycki. It allows thousands of people to find out about the reconstructed concert, life story of Ludomir and the PHOENIX album with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Grzegorz Nowak and Warner Classics.

When you listen to it for the first time, the violin concerto sounds like the gardens in which it was probably created, idyllically, in the abundance of life. A single solo voice stands above the orchestra, but also agrees with it again and again. From time to time the timpani rumble, sometimes the drums in the background. Like a thunderstorm. Or a weapon of war. Only at the end does the violin emerge again. Then the music just stops. A few final chords, bam, bam, done.

I am grateful to Carolin for the insight, authenticity and thorough investigation. Getting to the sources and telling this story to the world. 😍🌏 Thank you! 🙏