The PHOENIX Project Online Studio

The pandemic unfortunately thwarted the plans of our concert in London and press conference, but we didn’t give up!

I would like to invite all of you to see our new movie about the Phoenix Project. It will be a musical evening with artists, journalists and musicologists. ✨

We start on Thursday, 18.03.2021 at 19:00!⏰

Hope to see you here tomorrow! 

0:05 – Tchaikovsky – Melodie

3:36 – Różycki – Violin Concerto 1st movement

10:26 – Różycki – Nocturne No. 2

15:01 – Discussion

36:27 – Musical excerpts

43:21 – Różycki – Melodie No. 2

Concert : 

Janusz Wawrowski – violin

Mischa Kozłowski – piano 

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 

Melodie in E-flat major, Op. 42 (1878)

Ludomir Różycki

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra Op. 70 (1944)

Piano reduction: L. Różycki

Ludomir Różycki 

Nocturne Op. 30 No. 2 for violin and piano (1909) 

Ludomir Różycki Melodie Op. 5 No. 2


Piotr Urbański – musicologist, Szczecin Philharmonic

Janusz Wawrowski – violinist

Grzegorz Nowak – conductor

Mischa Kozlowski – pianist

Alan Lockwood – writer and art journalist

Laurence Vittes – writer, journalist and classical music critic

Julia Ablewska – Adam Mickiewicz Institute

Janusz Wawrowski plays on an Antonio Stradivari 1685 violin “Polonia”, courtesy of Roman Ziemian.

The PHOENIX project is powered by the Institute of Music and Dance , Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Żabka Sp. z o.o., Enea S.A. and Trzy Trąby Foundation.

Many thanks to Jarosław Regulski, Presto Artistic Agency and ZPSM No 1 “Nowa Miodowa” in Warsaw.