Warsaw Players is a chamber orchestra created on the initiative of the violin virtuoso Janusz Wawrowski and a group of young musicians who are already achieving individual solo successes. The aim of the orchestra is to popularize classical chamber music, in particular the works of Polish composers, through its performances in the country and the world at the highest level, with energy and passion.


Janusz Wawrowski - artistic director


Janusz Wawrowski is the winner of the Polish Phonographic Academy Award Fryderyk 2017 and the only Polish violinist with a long-term record contract with the prestigious Warner Classics label. He plays to the violin built by the Italian luthier Antonio Stradivari in 1685 [read a full biography on the artist's website].

Violin: Janusz Wawrowski,

Zuzanna Budzyńska, Agata Janczy, Mateusz Konopelski, 

Judyta Kluza, Weronika Błaszczyńska, Joanna Rybak, 

Katarzyna Lassak, Gabriela Opacka, Jan Pietkiewicz 


Viola: Paweł Czarny,Tomasz Rosiński, Mateusz Doniec

Cellos: Krystyna Wiśniewska, 
Alicja Kozak, Antonina Przybyszewska 


Double bass: Mariusz Rybski 



Stanisław Suchora

SONORA - orchestra manager

+48 795 655 826

Karolina Ogrodowska

SONORA - orchestra manager
+48 698 521 601

photos of the orchestra: Anita Wąsik-Płocińska

photo of Janusz Wawrowski: Marcin Oliva Soto